Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weather Forecast

So, weather guys have thrown the bones, done a crystal scry, and made burnt offerings to the gods to come up with a prediction of snow down to the valley floor, starting tonight and through tomorrow, maybe the day after. Three inches total, they say, but I can't remember the last time they got that part right, and it'll stick for a day or two because they are also saying we'll get a little arctic blast to go along with it that will drop temperatures into the low twenties. 

At the moment, it's clear, sunny, and chilly, couple degrees below freezing.

Not even Thanksgiving and already the ski resorts are up and running here, I think Timberline opened the day after Halloween, and even Ski Bowl has enough of a base for people what like to slip around on the nasty stuff balanced on slats of wood or plastic.

I'm ready for summer. 


Ed said...

I'm not quite sure on year but when I was in junior high or high school we went to my grandparents when they lived - on the hill above Dundee Oregon and it snowed on that Thanksgiving day - beautiful. I'm sure it was gone for the next school day - at least in Beaverton - we lived in Greenway at the time - friggin Banana belt didn't help if you were a kid wanting to get out of school.

aa said...
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aa said...

Hi Steve, said like a true southerner. For me Florida is looling awfully nice right now. I don't think the winters are so bad here its the long... spring with consistently grey sky's and drizzling rain. Congratulations on your anniversary.

joycemocha said...

Timberline opened on October 1st. I went up and skied on my birthday, October 29th.

As one of those crazies, I fully enjoy it (grin) and am grateful I've got my ski base layers to wear in this stuff!