Thursday, November 04, 2010

Very Funny

All right. Who did it? Which of my friends or family sent me a gift subscription to Maxim? Not that I don't appreciate a good set of hooters, but c'mon -- I'm somebody's grandpa, I don't really see myself reading a 'zine aimed at twenty-somethings.

I've waited for a couple months but nobody has come forward sniggering.

Which of you clowns did it?


Justin said...

Maxim is not porno. It's not Playboy. It's a comedic "guy's" magazine that happens to have a few celeb hotties in it each month. I've had a few subscriptions to it, and though it's a bit juvenile at times, I literally read it for the articles!

I didn't do it, though. Just sayin'.

Jay Gischer said...

The same thing happened to me. I'm younger than you, but not by a lot.

I'm guessing they bought some mailing list and went fishing.

Dan Gambiera said...

Steve, it couldn't have been any of your friends. Your friends would have come up with something much more original.

Steve Perry said...

Makes sense, Jay. Send out a few issues and then ask for renewal. I haven't seen that before, but they probably get a few bites.

And it's true that most of my friends would have come up with something much more wicked. Nasty bunch.

Bobbe Edmonds said...

I got a subscription to "Wine Aficionado".

Irony: It strikes one out of every two Americans. Usually wrapped around a brick.