Friday, November 12, 2010

Orycon 32

I went to Orycon today -- I usually don't on Fridays, but got a last-minute call from Jim Fiscus, who administers the Endeavour Award -- a plaque, and a check for $1000 to a Northwest writer to help encourage the arts up our way. 

Did I remember I agreed to MC that last year when we were chatting?

Um. No, but, hey, I'm good. 

It was to be a short ceremony -- shoehorned in just before opening ceremonies. Unfortunately, the rehearsal for that ran long, and we didn't get into the room until 6:27 p.m. for what was supposed to be a 6:30 p.m. start time ...

Jim, who sometimes is known to get excited and rant a bit, was making cut signs at the folks on stage, who were blithely ignoring him. When they finally trooped off, and Jim got a mike, it kept going off every time he seemed about to say something disparaging. Either wonderful coincidence or a sound guy with a wicked sense of humor.

It did come back on just in time for Jim's " -- bunch of muthafuckahs!"

Imagine it with a slight Germanic accent. 

Then there was the award, a lovely glass plate etched with a design by artist Ashley Harper. 

Where is the award?

I thought you had it.

I don't have it, I gave it to you!

Hey, Moe! Hey, Larry! Wooowoowooowwoooo -- !

Finally we got it all sorted out, over my somewhat hysterical giggles. 

My part was easy, all I had to do was get up read the names of the finalists, then call out the winner. Wore a sport coat and leather shoes. People who have known me at this con for thirty-odd years walked past me, not recognizing me. Perfect disguise, a sport coat. 

I read out the finalists. Asked the audience for a drum roll, and made the announcement. And the winner -- David Marusek -- was onstage behind me and so deep in conversation with the other two finalists who made it there that he didn't hear me. Got a nice, classic double-take when I went over and tugged on his sleeve. Hey, Dave? You, uh, won ... 

Best laugh of the evening. 

Saw Rory Miller in the green room -- we're doing a panel together on the morrow. He sent me greetings from a guy we both know and wondered at the tone of the message. Something going on there? he wondered?

Oh, yeah. Maybe after our panel I can take him to lunch and tell that story ...


Bobbe Edmonds said...

Wondered why you had a picture of an 1800's style ship for the title...Then I realized; "Endeavour Award"

Trapped in an ice floe might have been a better image, but then you would have to change it to the "Good Luck, Sucker!" award.

Of course, if he's a writer anyway...!

Steve Perry said...

The name comes from that of Captain James Cook's first ship, the HMS Endeavour, aka HM Bark Endeavour. Cook came to the Pacific Northwest on his Second Voyage. He commanded HMS Resolution on that trip, but they thought Endeavour was a better name for the award. Among other things, you can thank Captain Cook for the name Cape Foulweather.