Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Song

Okay, the usual excuses: The light was bad, my arm was tired. I had two broken fingernails, and this was maybe the fifth time I sang the new song all the way through. Plus my voice is what it is, and my guitar squeaks are part and parcel of it ...

Listen to it here, or in the player down the page on the right. 

I figure another score of songs, I might start getting a little better at it. It's part of the creative process, the willingness to produce a certain amount of crap. Everybody has to start somewhere, and that becomes the benchmark to show improvement -- if there is any ...

Got to put my car in the shop -- that cooling fan thing came back and it's guzzling coolant -- thermostat, maybe a leak somewhere. First time in for repairs since I got it, if you don't count the bodywork when I got the front end caught on a ladder ... Not bad for an '06 model. With any luck, it won't take too long to fix, nor cost an arm and a leg ...


Dojo Rat said...

Man, I pulled a couple of songs out of my ass last night at an open mic at our local pub.
Whew! Four beers and a large glass of red wine and I still sucked.
Well, it might not have been that bad.
One thing I realized is that singing into a mic requires a lot more voice modulation and control as opposed to singing unplugged in an open room.
Have you tried that yet?

Steve Perry said...

Yeah, mic versus no amp or PA are much different. My mic work is into the computer for GarageBand, and I have to be careful where I put it -- I get all the string squeaks and if I don't lay down a separate track for the guitar, then that and the voice together are part of the mix. I can do more vocal tracks, but it's hard for me just to play without singing.

When I jam with the NFUs, it's all acoustic, and I sing loud if I'm doing the lead, or adjust my volume if I'm doing harmony.

They've done a couple open mics, but I haven't. I'd have to get a mic for my guitar, or some kind of pick-up, and neither of those are great on a nylon string guitar -- you tend to get feedback with a mic, or something that sounds tinny with a pick up. And I don't want to be drilling holes in my instruments, I'm not going to be spending much time on a stage.

Dojo Rat said...

I have pickups in two of my guitars, but last night I used the house guitar, nylon strings.
I put one mic right in front of the strings and used another for vocals.
My guess is that your computer picks up a lot more string squeaks than a big mic in an open room would. Besides, the incredibly intoxicated cheering crowds will cover those squeaks!

Joshkie said...

You guys do better than me. I can't sing and if I do people call PETA or the Humain Society think I'm strangling cats.
Steve it sounded good to me, but take that for what it's worth; See previous statement.

Steve Perry said...

I can't do a double layout dismount off the high bar, but I can tell if somebody who can sticks the landing or not.

Most people who think they can't sing got told that when they were young -- usually in error -- and bought into it. We don't all have the range of a diva, but most of us can muddle along. I consider my voice serviceable -- not great, but good enough for how I use it. If I planned to try to make money on a stage, I'd be getting into voice lessons, but there's a lot of stuff you can teach yourself. It's a skill, like any other, and you can overcome a lot of technical problems with focused practice.