Wednesday, November 03, 2010


So, the mid-terms are over, and the R's came out with more victories than the D's. No surprise -- when the electorate gets unhappy, they throw the incumbents out. In this case, I think the cure is worse than the disease, but the D's had the Presidency, the House, and the Senate, and when people vote their pocketbooks, as they always do in a recession, it costs the party in power.

The party of "no" gets to say it louder now.

I think the D's flubbed on several fronts, not the least of which was making it clear that climbing out of the deep hole we were in wasn't going to be easy, nor quick. Once again, the victors did not win so much as the losers gave it up. 

Be nice if it made a real difference. I don't think it's gonna.

It is what it is. The people have spoken, that's how it works here, you casts your ballot and you makes your choice. We get to do it again in two years, and I'm already not looking forward to the blitz of TV ads ...


J.D. Ray said...

Nationwide, I think the Dems have failed over the last two years at using the media. The GOP "manages the message" with artistry.

Locally, Dudley (R) just conceded to Kitzhaber (D) for the gubernatorial race. I'm not sure Dr. John is the best bet to dig us out of this financial hole, but I think Dudley would have dug us in deeper.

On balance, I suspect that Dems controlling the Senate and Executive branches and the Reps having the House will mean that things will actually get done in the next two years rather than just having two sides pissing down each other's legs.

Stan said...

I wish it were so, J.D. However, with all the actual problems and challenges facing the country, Mitch McConnell, the R's Minority "Leader," states that the R's number one priority is getting rid of Obama.

Doesn't look good for the American citizenry.