Thursday, November 04, 2010

New Song for November

Lying in bed last night reading after watching the late news, this one popped out. I jotted the lyrics down, and pretty much here they are ...

To hear it, click on the title "Guns or Butter," in the player under "La Musica!" Or click here.

(The letters in parentheses are chords)
(G)War’s still (D)goin’, it’s (C)costing us a (D)fortune our  (G)troops are (D)still getting (C)shot/ (D)
(G)People need (D)jobs, the (C)market’s in the (D)crapper, the (G)economy (D)still ain’t so (C)hot/ (D)
(G)The world is getting (D)warmer, Chi(C)nese are takin’(D)over (G)everybody (D)says it’s (C)so/ (D)
(G)Congress is (D)looney, the (C)courts have gone (D)crazy, but (G)here’s one (D)thing I (C)know: (D)
(G)You can have guns or (C)you can have butter, (G)but you know you’re gonna have to (D)choose/
(G)Caught between the Devil and the (C)deep blue sea, any (G)way you (D)look at it you (G)lose.
People got pissed and they kicked out the Republicans, but that didn’t work so well/
Then they got pissed and they kicked out the Democrats, and now we’re on the road to Hell/
We’re runnin’ out of patience, we’re running out of parking and there’s the horror of Glenn Beck/
Better sit down and buckle up your seat belt, there’s gonna be a honkin’ train wreck.
If your computer goes out, your techie lives in India, how’s the weather there in Mumbai?
Granny’s medications, they all come from Canada, and she needs to hurry up and die/
What the hell happened to the land of milk and honey, how did everything get so bad?
I think you have to say when you look around the country, the whole damn place has gone mad.
Chorus x 2 and acapella the second time.


Bill said...

Is that a Taurus "Public Defender"? I compare the picture to my own and I say yes then I say no. The chamber of mine is longer I think. I know the handle is a little different.

Steve Perry said...

S&W Chief M-60, actually. Pachmayr grips.