Sunday, November 07, 2010


My friend Dan Moran (a terrific writer, by the by) is going to be offering a new way to sell ebooks -- he's working it out even as we speak. It's a referral engine -- basically, the advantage is that if you buy books there and then recommend them to friends, you get a 10% discount on your purchase price for everybody on your referral list who buys one. Get ten folks to buy a book, your book is free. And they get to refer folks and get the same deal. 

No, it's not a pyramid scheme,  no Ponzi here, just a clever way to market things -- you don't have to sign anybody up to buy the books at a price less than you'd pay for a paperback, it's just a way to get a nice discount if you want.

I'm going to put some of my novels up there and see if I can get rich and famous.

Stay tuned: Once he is up and running, I'll put a link to the site here.

Here's another bit of business:

My nephew, Jon Heiner, a passing good guitarist, took an MP3 of my most recent song and put in a nice country lick on the chorus. He's working up a slide lead, too. He sent the amended file to me, and I've uploaded it to SoundClick, here

You can get the band together without getting the band together ...

Ain't it great living here in the future?


Anonymous said...

Are you referring to "Daniel Keys Moran" from whom many are waiting for more Tales of the Continuing Time with bated breath (and stocked wallets)?

Steve Perry said...

That would be the same fellow. And though I'm a long-time fan of his space opera, he has another book I'd like to see done first -- a sprawling, hardboiled kinda-mystery novel. But Dan has a family and thus a Real Job, at which he makes works too hard and makes too much money, so he has to take care of those first.

The days of generous patrons -- Yo Mickey, you go paint the ceiling, we'll take take of all the bills, hey? -- are, alas, past.

Plus he doesn't suffer fools gladly, and there are still a few of those in publishing ...

mark said...

Is that a Babbage Engine in the picture? I suspect "Anonymous" is one Daniel Keys Moran. From whom many are waiting for more...

Only a writer would spell bated correctly.

Am I a cynic? haha.

Steve Perry said...

It is indeed a difference engine, by Babbage. Well, a model built somewhat later, I expect.

I don't Dan is is Anonymous, least not around here.