Wednesday, November 10, 2010


There's a new site for ebook sales, FS&,  just out of the starting gate. Admin for the site is Dan Moran -- and yep, that's Daniel Keys Moran -- who is one of those disgustingly adept computer geeks, along with being able to write circles around most folks in the field fantastique, present company not excepted. 

Readers here and on Smashwords and won't see any new material from me yet, though as I come up with new stuff, I'll probably put it up there first. However there is this:

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Moran, Daniel Keys - A Freeway In My Back Yard

A collection of essays, short fiction, and screenplays by Daniel Keys Moran. His first new book in over a decade.

Since we are the first writers up, your choice is limited, and you have to sign in to access material, but all that means is you give them a screennom and an email address and password, it doesn't cost anything. 

Check it out.

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Dan Moran said...


*Please* don't buy anything yet off that site. Jumped the gun a bit here -- it's possible I'm going to swap out that ecommerce module. It's working but it has rough edges.

You should be able to make purchases by this weekend.