Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mail Fraud

So, somebody is screwing with me. I've gotten a magazine, which I figured after bringing it up here was some kind of promo thing, but there have also been deliveries of a couple other items my wife and I didn't order -- movie club, tea-of-the-month club, one of which was attached to a credit card I don't use.  Not gifts, but subscriptions I didn't make. 

So, I called the credit company and cancelled the card; called the commercial companies and allowed as how I didn't order anything. Apparently this happens a lot -- somebody screwing around thinks this is pretty funny. 

The U.S. Postal Service doesn't much laugh. They consider it mail fraud, and because it crosses state lines, and was probably done by phone or the internet, it falls under Chapter 63, Section 1341 or 1343 of the U.S. Criminal Code.

I filed a complaint. The big companies track incoming orders, date and source and stuff, and while it won't be at the top of the feds to-do list, those slow wheels can grind fine. The movie club folks have a date and order information they can pass along. 

I hope whoever did this is having a nice chuckle now, because the fine and prison time are hellacious -- not more than a hundred grand, nor more than twenty years.

Quoting Han Solo: "Laugh it up, fuzzball."

Next time I get something like this delivered, the info goes straight to the postal inspectors. If you are reading this blog and responsible? Maybe that next knock at your door will be karma coming home to roost.

Have a nice day. 


Dan Moran said...

4Chan in old media. There's nothing new under the sun ....

Mark said...

Not sure it's what you think: there are insidious schemes that "sign you up" all the time for things you don't want (then debit your bank accout forever and good luck shutting them off). They get you when you book hotel rooms or make purchases on the web "just click here to continue" and there's a check box conveniently ticked for you on the bottom of the page that says "YES! sign me up for inane shit I don't want." My brother and dad have both been signed up for recurring billing without their permission--and the phenomenon is growing. Lots of people don't scrutinize their bank statements and the bastards get away with it. Then it takes a Looong phone call to actually find a human being to get the damn thing cut off.
I'm pretty sure that's what happened to you because I don't see how someone got your CC info to sign you up as a malicious prank. More likely unscrupulous business.