Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Sport Coated Self at Orycon 32

Me, right, presenting the 2010 Endeavour Award 
to David Marusek

Finalists Camille Alexa, Cat Rambo, Yours Truly, and winner 
David Marusek. Finalists Patricia Briggs and Kay Kenyon 
were not present.
Photographs by James W. Fiscus
Who says you can't be a writer and still devastatingly 


Terry Dolson said...

Congratulations, a well deserved honour.
By the way, how is the eye??

Steve Perry said...

Eye's fine. Came and went. Might come back, but no way to tell.

Dan Moran said...

"Who says you can't be a writer and still devastatingly handsome?"

Well, you and I are, but it's hard to argue with the statistics.ti