Friday, November 05, 2010

Here's a New One

A kid looking for refugee status in Canada apparently boarded a flight in Hong Kong disguised as an old man, then shed the mask in the bathroom in flight. Story here.

I wonder what the law is regarding that? They didn't catch him before he boarded, and they are supposed to check ID, which, in theory, wouldn't match up with the face. 


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Anonymous said...


I don't know what the law would be in a case like that but...

I had a relative come back from Hong Kong a few years back. He had lost his job, his girl and his apartment. He was feeling pretty low and he looked it.

The Canadian authorities held him (a Canadian citizen) incommunicado for three hours. They took his laptop too.

Being a stubborn cuss and innocent of any wrong doing, they eventually let him go.

He had to appeal to the head of immigration for his laptop (which was returned).

A few years later there was a German immigrant who didn't fare so well. They held him for ten hours for no reason. He was asphyxiated by the police and he died.

I find it absolutely infuriating that the young man who disguised himself was able to sail passed these supposedly alert professionals.