Monday, November 01, 2010


Year or so ago, my wife brought one of her office plants home, an orchid. We stuck it on a shelf in the hall bathroom and when I remembered, I watered it.

Been busy around here of late, but I did water the plants last week, Tuesday or Wednesday, I think. And this morning, I noticed that it had blossomed.

I dunno about these things, which variety it is, anything like that, but it's pretty.


steve-vh said...

hard to be sure but looks like a small variety of Phalaenopsis. My wife grows them too, belonged to the local society for a while.
Phals are usually the easiest to grow and get to bloom. Blooms can sometimes last for weeks if they get periodic showers.
Biggest enemy of orchids is the bark medium getting broken down and mulchy. Orchids are root breathers and when you water them the medium will absorb the water and slowly release it to simulate the humidty of tropical regions. A sprinkling every 1-2 weeks usually works. High humidity even better.

me? I grow carnivorous plants. Easy to grow, very tough to get to bloom. Grown them off and on for 30yrs.

Steve Perry said...

Thanks for the info, Steve.