Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Reverse

I've talked about this a few times in the how-to-write stuff, what is called a reverse in a story -- it's going one way, then it does a ninety or one-eighty, and heads off in another direction. This results in a either something dramatic, or funny, and as often as not, both.

This footage, meant to be taken as real, was obviously staged. Viewed alone, you can see that.

The first time I saw it, however, it was tacked onto the end of a string of near-accidents that were caught on camera and real, and for people who aren't being critical, it could easily fool them -- if you tell the truth nine times, it's easier to pass off a lie the tenth.

Classic example of a reverse, though.

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Jim said...

A comment on the video -- it's easy enough for something like that to happen. More than once, cops have conducted field interviews of the suspect in an offense unknowingly. I've met an officer who actually spoke briefly to the DC snipers in the aftermath of one of their shootings, for example. Edmond Kemper, the Zodiac Killer, and several other serial killers have been documented as having spoken to the officers looking for them...