Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Business

The snow mostly stalled out just north of us -- Seattle got dumped on; Portland got a dusting. 

I mentioned that we have a houseful of family visiting and we decided it would be a good thing to go to the coast for a few days. We just got back. Had some fierce winds, rain, and this morning, a dusting of snow there, too. Wind howled like a monster movie, and it gusted to maybe sixty -- blew the hoody on my jacket up and off my head even with the elastic strings pulled tight. 

We came home from Lincoln City via Highway 18 to 99, and while there was some snow on the road, it was sanded pretty good, and no problem. Cold enough so the slush on the side of the car froze there -- and is still there. Looking at a day or two where the high temp won't get above freezing, and the coldest November on this date in thirty years. 

Nice when the sun peeked out and we got a chance to watch the ocean. Here the view from our motel room window:


Dojo Rat said...

Surf's up!

I have ten thousand pounds of maple tree laying broken right next to our place.
A very, very close call...

Trees down on the property everywhere.

Joshkie said...

The last couple of post have made me a little home sick for snow and mountains. I haven't seen real snow in years, and I live in the hill country; looks pretty flat to me. Drive safe and stay warm.