Friday, April 15, 2011

The Toast Always Lands Buttered Side Down

You all know about Murphy's Law–If something can go wrong, it will–and the myriad examples of how it manifests. Got a nuclear power plant that will withstand an earthquake? Watch out for an earthquake and a tsunami.

Had one today I liked. My iPod, which rides in a holster on my belt, has a glass front. When I got it, having scratched various pairs of eyeglasses for fifty years, I bought a screen protector. This shield, made by Zagg, was a thin sheet of tough plastic that they claimed was virtually scratch-proof. And, surprise! they were right, it's worked just fine for as long as I've had it.

Day before yesterday, I somehow caught edge of this shield on something and peeled it up. I didn't have any of the fluid that one uses to make sure one doesn't leave fingerprints when applying it, so I figured I'd just buy a new shield and start clean.

This thing is a bitch to put on, by the by, you have to have a surgery-room level of cleanliness, your hands, the device, the surface you work on, and there is spraying and sliding and squeegeeing and all like that. But once it is done, you can drag your car key across it and it doesn't mar, so it's a class-A product.

So I peeled the old sheet up and tossed it,  intending to run to the Mac store and get a new one this morning.

And you know where this is going, right? I managed to put a scratch on the iPod's glass somehow this morning. Hairline, almost an inch long, bap, just like that. No idea how.

Well, isn't this just swell?

Fortunately, the Zagg shield I just finished applying managed to fill in the hairline scratch so you can't even see it. When I get my iPad, that will be the first thing I do, is shield the glass.

Never a dull moment ...

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