Friday, April 22, 2011

Roy Rolls On

Finished Roy the Demon #10, "Chain of Command," and what I'm thinking about doing is adding it to the collected stories Gatekeeper in Hell, but exclusively at Dan's Fat Sam store. (Maybe eventually as a single, but not at or Smashwords for the collections published there.)

That way, new readers will have an incentive to check out the Fat Sam store first–which is where the link will take people from here once Dan gets it online. Aside from his copy being better, it'll have a bonus story not available elsewhere. Might help him and me both.

Now, in order to be fair to my readers who have already bought the Gatekeeper in Hell collection from or Smashwords, or who do before Dan lists it, I'll send the new Roy story to you at no charge, PDF or an epub file.

I know a few of you, but if you tell me who you are, I'll email it along. If you have my email address, you can drop me a note there; if not, you can do it here, and put up a funky version of your email address, using "dot" and "and" and such so the reapbots don't collect it.


Bill W said...


I bought the collection from smashwords because I could never find it availible from wherever you directed the page to go. probably fs&j. whatever that is. Anyway I had already bought the first 3 seperately and my kindle would not skip to chapters/stories. I wrote smashword asking for address of chapters. no reply. If you want them I now have address for stories up to "paved with gold" on my kindle. MOBI file I guess. Send me your e mail address if you want the kindle numbers so as to go to each story. If you would send me the new story my e mail is all small letters. bill then underscore up by the zero then w then efn dot org. Eugene free network as it were. Have you seen the movie "my neme is Mocesty" Pretty good show in my opinion

Bill Wottlin

Bill W said...

I now see two mistakes. Name not neme and Modesty not Mocesty

Steve Perry said...

Bill --

If i got the email right, it's on the way.

Never saw the Modesty Blaise movie, must have missed it when it came out.

Captain Tightpants said...

Sir -
Bought the first three on FS - not sure if that qualifies or not. If not, I'll happily fork over for more in the interest of supporting the work!

dprice95 said...

Bought the collection from Smashwords about 3 weeks ago... would love to pick up the final story.
darrenprice95 AT gmailDOTcom