Friday, April 08, 2011


Today, for the first time in several eons, we have sunshine at our house. Got up this morning to no clouds, and it stayed that way! Well, almost. It's starting to cloud over now, but there is still enough light to make shadows!

In this part of the world, when you have more than three hours of sunshine, it means one thing:

Yard work.

So, after working out, having lunch, walking the dogs and otherwise avoiding it, we trundled into the yard and hit a lick. Mostly, it was raking and using the branch-loppers to hew downed limbs into piece that would fit into the recycle bin. The green thing, as we refer to the plastic oversize bin, which is on the second-crappiest set of wheels extant. The crappiest set belongs to the paper recycle bin. I can't tell you the number of times that sucker has just ground to a stop on the driveway when it ran over a blade of grass. Then turned over and spilled shredded paper hither and yon.

The garbage can wheels are marginally better than both the others, save that I had to slit one of the hard rubber tires to get it back on the axle when the truck mashed it against the curb and popped that bad boy right off ...

Um. Anyway, the yard debris bin is full, as are two paper bags that they will also pick up for a surcharge, and since pick-up is Thursday, we don't have to do any more until then. Plus it'll start raining again tomorrow, making it moot ...

Springtime in Oregon, ah. Nothing like it. 

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Dojo Rat said...

Seriously, I saw a news story that some survey said Seattle and Porkland are the Gloomiest cities in the lower 48.
In the Islands on the Northern border just we had about 40 days with rain, and we get half the rain you get (Vancouver Island/Olympic rainshadow).
But finally, Spring has sprung!