Monday, April 25, 2011

Musical Chairs

Last week, the band broke up. Well, the jam-session I attended went away when the guy sponsoring it had a chance to join a group what gets paying gigs, and more power to him for that. 

Having, however, gotten into the idea of learning how to play with other instruments going off all around me, I felt a certain disappointment. So I hied myself over to Craig's List and stuck up a note, the essence of which was, geezer, plays a little, sings a little, looking for folks with similar abilities and tastes for recreational jam session. I appended my play list.

Gotten a couple of nibbles, and what looks like a long-running group not far from here that gets together weekly. I am welcome to drop round, they said, and I believe I am gonna. 

I dunno if I'll be a fit, but it's interesting that there are other closet musicians around ...