Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thrill Rides


Went to Oaks Park today with a couple of the grandsons and their parents. Loop Thunder, a small roller coaster with an itty-bitty 360ยบ vertical loop, was okay, if rough on my knees. The cars were apparently designed for pygmies. Grampaw comes from the big roller coaster days, and those are more fun–with longer rises and drops and smoother turns, I'd much rather ride those than the small ones, but that's what was available, and the older of the two boys really wanted to ride it. Three times, though I only had to go on one of those. 

Then there were the other fun rides: The Nauseator, The Puke-a-Whirl, the VomitMaker ...

Go karts were okay. Curly fries were greasy. It was chilly and crowded, and we got through it. No Magic Kingdom, but the little boys had a fine time.

Now for something no less thrilling but completely different:

Somebody is coming up with an app for authors to sign their ebooks. Basically, it supposedly will let you take a picture with a fan, then scrawl a signature on it, and you can email to them. Good thought.

There's something one of you computer whizzes can come up with if you hurry, a quick-and-dirty way to lay a sig on a photo you can port to a fan's iPhone or iPad or whatever.

To that end, I'm tagging a photo of me for anybody who wants to stick it onto their ebooks. A .jpg file, and here you can have it by dragging and dropping ...

Don't say I never gave you anything ...

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Stan said...

Great! A whole new cyber-creation: the e-tograph!

Thanks, Steve! ;~)