Thursday, April 07, 2011

Possible New eBook in the Offing

Been having a continuing discussion with Alan Bard Newcomer, who has the e-file that Don Ahlquist used for TTBMTCSOS, which is the novelette Thong the Barbarian Meets the Cycle Sluts of Saturn Reaves and I did back in the day for a small print run. If you can find a copy of the hardback, it is a spendy little collector's item. There were three versions: 1) with a dust jacket and plain boards; 2) a numbered/lettered blue-leather edition, and a red leather version of which there were ten copies done. That last one, I keep locked up.

Alan is having some trouble coming up with a file that I might turn into an ebook–what happens when you go through various permutations of software and hardware over the years. If he can manage it, I'll see about publishing it. I dunno if we can include the art, or even if we can come up with a clean file, but we'll see.

The art, interior and exterior was cheesy, as was the text, but in both cases, deliberately so. If you go here, you can read the first page and see that we were having way too much fun spewing adverbs and making the prose as purple as we could. It's not "The Eye of Argon," but it's in the same ballpark ...

If we can pull it off, I think hardcore SF&F fans will love this one. At least if they have a sense of humor they will.

Stay tuned. 

Oh, another CGI Alan sent:

And don't we look fetching in our leather bikinis ... ?


Dave Huss said...

I'm soo there!!

Steve Perry said...

I think Alan is getting the file together -- he sent me a sample with some CGI stuff, and it looks okay. I'll post the pix.

Todd Erven said...


I've been wanting to read this ever since I first saw you mention it.