Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stick 'Em, Danno

In Lewiston, Maine, yesterday, two men got into an argument, apparently over  woman. (This would make her a femme fatale a short while later.)

The two men apparently pulled knives and stabbed each other. 

One went back to his apartment and died. Police found the other one dead on the street.

Once again, the reason for not getting into a knife fight becomes apparent.

相互殺害 -- which I am given to understand, means "mutual slaying." Big concept in samurai Japan, the "as one" notion. Not so much in this country, where the idea is to be the guy who walks away.

Full story here.


Kevin said...

For a few years I practiced iaido. I remember Sensei was once talking about "real" sword fights. He commented that if you got cut you most likely died. If not directly from lost limbs, destroyed organs, or blood loss...then indirectly through subsequent infection or other medical complications. He sometimes also said that the three outcomes in a dual were (1) you die, (2) he/she dies, (3) you both die. And that given the odds you should just avoid the whole thing. If memory serves me right he said similar things about his experience with knife training/fighting. Against an opponent who knows what they are doing you are probably dead before you know it.

Anonymous said...

Minor correction. It's Lewiston, Maine.

Ed said...

She must have been Hot!....not that hot.

Steve Perry said...

My mistake. Maine it is.