Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Heart Attack

Van Damme just had a heart attack. Survived it, apparently, they say it's "minor," but the guy is what -- fifty? 

Gladys must not be keeping him in shape -- Jean Claude married Gladys Portugues, a former champion bodybuilder. She still looks to be in pretty good shape. 


Steve Perry said...

Van Damme story:

Kid I knew was in a film class, USC, UCLA, I think. A costume guy came to talk to them, and it came up that he'd been hired for several Van Damme movies when Jean Claude was still hot.

How did he manage that? somebody asked.

"I make his ass look good."

He was speaking literally.

Apparently, the first thing he did when hired was to collect all of Van Damme's trousers, jeans, etc. and re-cut them so they enhanced the look of his butt. Didn't tell anybody, but Jean Claude noticed that when this guy was dressing him, he looked better from certain angles.

Got to love that story.

Scott said...

Didn't he do about a pound of cocaine in '96?

Dan Moran said...

Jim Fixx dropped over at 52, and he was a runner -- but he was also a heavy smoker and overweight before he started running. Sometimes the cards just come up that way, but there's usually something else going on when someone gets hit at such an early age.

steve-vh said...

Wow, didn't realize he was still married to her. Smokin'
I still recall the bodybuilding stretching exercise articles they used to do together. Used to point to those articles when meatheads said you didn't need to stretch.

My dad's had 2 triple bypasses and his father and my uncles have all had 1st HA's by 55.
I do as much as I can to counteract genetics but it's in the cards someday I suppose. Could be the same for him. He looked fantastic in "JCD"

Steve Perry said...

Jean Claude says it didn't happen: