Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let the Heart Attack Special Shine on Me

Since we stopped going to the gym, we pretty much stopped going to Baja Fresh, a Mexican-style place that features fresh food. Since we started going back to the gym, we stopped back by, and lo! there is a new item I hadn't seen earlier, a Diablo shrimp burrito.

Well, boy, howdy, how can you not try that, Steve? Big ole shrimp burrito?

So I tried it. And it was really good. My new favorite Baja meal. Had to have less fat than the chicken Ultimo version, right?

Um. well. Two whole grams less, but ... there's a reason they named it after the devil ...

Some numbers:

A thousand calories. 34-grams of fat. 56-grams of protein. 275 mg. of cholesterol. 2930 mg. of sodium ...

But wait! If you get it enchilado style, that is, smothered in molé sauce with two kinds of cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream? Add another 600 calories, and forty -- that's 40 -- grams of fat, for a total of seventy-four grams of fat and sixteen hundred calories in a single meal.

Not so bad if that's all you eat in one day, though that's still more fat than is recommended in a 2000-calorie diet ...

Got enough salt to preserve a herd of cows for the winter, and enough cholesterol to lube a fleet of Mac trucks. The term "healthy Mexican food" is, in this instance, less than accurate.

Oh, my friends, this burrito? It leaves a Double Whopper with Cheese and Bacon in the "diet-meal" dust, relatively speaking.

Maybe if I skip the enchilado sauce ... ?

Oh, but it does taste good. Maybe I can remember that when I am lying in the hospital hoping to survive my MI ...


Ed said...

Baja Fresh not Baja Healthy....hey and isn't Baja pretty far away? I think at one time (still in many parts of the world) many moons ago some groups of humans used to go pretty light between meals at times then engorge when the food gods shined down on them and they got a Mammoth or Buffalo....so go ahead, have two - just don't eat for a day or two or three.

Mike Byers said...

Or you could just chase down and kill a mammoth (spears and arrows only, please) before you devour one of those burrito bombs.

Dan Moran said...

This sort of thing gives steak a good name.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks. Now I don't want to eat there for a year. Their food is FINE tasting (in its class). However, the MASSIVE calorie count...oi!

Just ate there Monday (after a 7 mile run), but the 1400 calories... :-(

Steve Perry said...

If you can run seven miles? Chances are you aren't going to suffer much for a meal at Baja Fresh now and then.

For me, maintaining the weight I want hasn't been too hard to this point. I've gained twenty pounds since I was in high school, and most of it muscle -- I still wear the same size jeans now as I did then. Plus I fast one day a week and that helps clean the pipes.

It's just that you know all the stuff that tastes really good is really not good for you. A bacon-double cheeseburger or a green salad? A show of hands?


That burrito is yummy for store-bought, but I won't be eating more than one every month or so. Lot harder to lose the gut than to avoid it in the first place. (And it's good enough without the carpet of cheese and sour cream over it.)

I had to run to the airport last night to pick up my nephew and his wife. I people-watched, which is always fun at an airport. There were an awful lot of obese folks there, many of them morbidly so. Yeah, I know you can be chunky and fit, run a marathon and all, but you can tell by watching most of these folks move, how they carried themselves, that they weren't the exceptions to the general rule. When you get winded just by standing up, that's bad.

Still, if you never indulge yourself, you still get to die, and then you've missed things that might not have mattered in the long run. One looks for balance.