Sunday, March 06, 2011


So, I've been amusing myself with the new micro amp and transducer hooked up to–actually stuck to is more appropriate–my guitar. 

My basic idea, and still the primary goal, is to keep as much of the woody classical guitar sound as I can, but with more volume–enough to run with the steel strings on the mandolin, banjo, and other guitar. The amp does that and I am pleased. The "Brit Combo" setting on the panel is perfect–it still sounds like my guitar, but louder.

But of course there are all those knobs that can be turned and combined to make SFX and naturally, I have fiddled with 'em to see what happens. I can get that wah-wah echo, tremolo, and even a metal EFX, which sounds really strange coming out of a nylon-string instrument. 
Fingerpicking and strumming "Hotel California" I can get a tone that is positively rock-like ...

This isn't something I'm apt to do much of, save for screwing around, but it's interesting to have the option. (When we play "Sloop John B" at the jam session, one of the keyboard players sets his controls so his board sounds like steel drums, which goes nicely with the tune.

Just call me "Jimi ..."

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A Meatgoat said...

If you haven't had the chance, you should check out the equalizer pedal by Boss. With a nice, shallow "v" shape on the runners you get a nice full sound. After using it for a while it's hard to go back. Like going from stereo to mono. Also, since it has it's own volume control, you can kick it in to emphasize a chorus or something. It's subtle but one of my favs.