Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weather in Portland This Month

March, which is supposed to come in like a lion but go out like a lamb, or vice-versa, is almost over. Here, it came in like a tuna and is going out that way, too. We've had twenty-three days in a row in which we have had rain, and twenty-six of the last twenty-nine altogether. 

There's a bearded old guy down the street building a big wooden boat, and the dogs bark at something running around in his back yard every time we go for a walk ...

And twenty-three days only equals the old record–when today is over–and it's raining now–I expect a new record will have been set.

Also been cool. So far this year, we haven't hit sixty-degrees F. yet, and that's a new record, too.

At least the rain hasn't gotten too radioactive yet ...

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A Meatgoat said...

Be reassured that just a couple hours to the east of you, the outlook is better. The tri cities are going to end this week in the 70s. I'm thinking about which pair of shorts I might wear.