Friday, March 11, 2011

Information Age Stubs Its Toe

For some reason that none of the FAQ's answer when I tried to figure it out, Comcast just up and started routing much of my email into its spam folder. People who are in my address book, posters to my blogs, folks I've gotten email from many times before.

I was wondering why my mail didn't seem to be the normal volume, and a few minutes ago, when I got to poking around, I just found a slew of it in the spam folder at Comcast.

Isn't that special?

If you emailed me and wondered why I didn't answer, that's why. I'll try to get back to you soon as I can. 

The Comcast filters don't seem to be something I can easily fix, and the adjustments available so broad they won't help. On or off, that seems to be the choice.

So I turned the spam filter off and am now using my email program's filters instead. That I can adjust and train to recognize the crud. 

I do get some junk mail. Whole lot of people in Nigeria are trying to send me millions of dollars; people are greatly concerned with my penis size and imagine I want it to be bigger; there are iPads going for $17, did I know that?

Uh huh. 


Travis said...

I've a different system but I've found that actually clicking 'spam' and 'not spam' buttons teach the system somewhat. Manually moving the e-mails doesn't seem to correct the sorting however

Steve Perry said...

Hmm. I'll give that a try.

Steve Perry said...

So far, training for spam hasn't done much. I'm getting spam for winning the Spanish lottery but it's stopping anything from I'll give it another few days and if it doesn't straighten out, I'll go back to filtering it in-house.