Sunday, March 13, 2011

Numbers Game

When I started this blog in the summer of '06, I didn't know about such things as hit counters and site stat trackers. I posted stuff, people dropped round to look at it and offer comments, and that was it.  No bells, no whistles, no movies, no musical offerings.

People came and went, but aside from postings they'd offer on what I'd written, I had no idea who, how many, or from whence they had come.

A year or so after the blog went up, I wondered if anybody was listening or if I was was hollering into the Void. I had seen these little stat counters on sites I visited, so I poked around and found one that offered tracking and counting and all, and I signed up. 

A few months after I did, the stat site crashed and I couldn't access it, so after waiting a couple weeks, I found another site offering similar services, StatCounter. They did a more reliable job, and I re-started the hit counter from zero. 

I can't tell how how many folks have come by and sat a spell since I started jabbering on here, but I can see how many have done so since I shifted to StatCounter, and those numbers have been going up steadily each year. At the current rate, by the middle of next month, that total will top half a million hits.

Not so many, given there are sites that log that many and more every day; still, it's interesting that a midlist genre author who prattles on about writing, martial arts, guitars, and general ephemera has attracted that many visitors.

Even the Silat Sera site I set up as a placeholder for Maha Guru Plinck, which intrinsically has a narrow range of interest, has collected almost ten thousand hits in less than a year.

As Spock says, "Fascinating ..."


Richard Sackville said...

One point I would make is that I came here first for your writings on the martial arts but your writing is so good,I often enjoy the other topics you cover.

Thanks fior the eyars of posts.



Dojo Rat said...

I come here for the Beer.

--I use Statcounter and love it. Very accurate.

Mark said...

It's addictive. If no one's told you yet, you're writing is compelling. And it beats sitcom reruns by a mile.