Saturday, March 26, 2011


iPhone skin, above, from Grove

iPad case

iPad folding cover/stand

When new toys arrive from the electronics industry,  accessories quickly develop for them from third-party makers–not the least of which are ways to carry the gadgets around. 

There are some neat cases for iPhones, laptop computers, and the iPad. Plastic, leather, and here's a local maker, Grove, who has come to the Apple fold using bamboo.

I am fond of bamboo as a construction material. I like the way it looks, and while one can hardly talk about green and an iPhone or iPad in the same breath, the bamboo and electronics together have a nice wry effect, as you can see from the images. Way cool look.

I will be getting one of these cases for my iPad when I get it. 


mark said...

Lady near me on the 14-hour flight had an iPad open the whole time playing movies--and it never ran out of juice.

Steve Perry said...

That sounds better than they advertise. They say ten hours on the battery. I guess it depends on whether your have the wifi and GPS and all on. If you shut down everything but the movie player, that might stretch it longer.

steve-vh said...

That's why the Nook calls it "airplane mode"