Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Email Woes

Got a note from somebody who wondered why I hadn't answered his email. According to my records, I had, so I sent him another reply, with a copy of the first.

But unlike when I started noticing that some of my incoming mail wasn't getting through, I can't tell if somebody is collecting what I'm sending.

When I started having trouble, it was because my server's spam filter somehow adjusted itself to stop folks I wanted to hear from, and the solution was turning that filter off and going to my own email program's filter. 

As a public service, let me suggest that you check your spam filter, in-house or at your server, and see if maybe one or both might have become a bit too diligent. 

If you sent me a note and didn't get a reply, try it again. If you don't hear back, we'll have to call Houston and report the problem. I am getting emai,l and some of my correspondents are getting mine, so the system here isn't totally defunct. 


Jack: No, I wasn't talking about you.
Michael: Sorry to hear about the script.
Bobbe: I did wish you happy birthday.
John: I did offer a date for the conference call.
Cotten: Wasn't flu, but food poisoning ...
Dan: I've sent up to Roy #8, and #9 should be done tomorrow.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Comcast's interactive technician, who is probably in Mumbai, tells me there is an ongoing upgrade to their email SmartZone feature and that it should be fixed within the next 24 hours. Sounds fishy to me, but if you need to contact me, do it here, or on Facebook until this gets straightened out. 


Getting through to Comcast's techs via phone or message is currently not happening–I'm getting the "Try later" note, so I'm guessing I'm not the only customer with problems. Meanwhile, I'll be using a Gmail account for outgoing stuff. Apparently this has been a problem for weeks–I've had folks to whom I've sent eight or ten emails allow as how they didn't get any of them.

Nice, isn't it? I'd do better putting messages in bottles and tossing them into the sea. 


Bobbe Edmonds said...

Okay - you need an I.T. service. I have thanked you for the birthday wish, asked you three questions in two emails and sent you well-wishes for your bout with the gods of indigestion.

And you, you old fart, have answered NONE of these. I feel...SO alone. Left in the cold. Unattended, like cocker spaniel in a hot car with the windows rolled up on a summer day.

Also: I'm not sure what a "spasm" filter is, have we progressed so much in science that we can now control involuntary body responses with a mere filter? Do you control orgasms or Grand Mal seizures with it?

Seriously...Did you miss me?

Steve Perry said...

Didn't get any of 'em, Kid. And they don't show up in my filter, either. I'm getting email from other folks, and once I clicked the Comcast filter off, haven't seen an decrease in the general volume, but something is getting lost the aether somewhere.

I am about to run a test on my address book, see who isn't getting stuff from me. Stand by ...

Dan Moran said...

I'm definitely missing a couple of the Roys. I'll send you "AI War" tomorrow and a list of the Roys I have on hand.

A Meatgoat said...

Me too :)

Scott said...

Dan, you'll send him AI War?!

Dan Moran said...

Not much longer ...