Wednesday, March 02, 2011

New Toy Announced

So, Jobs took time off from his time off to announce the new iPad. Story here. The deal is it will be thinner, have a couple of cameras, a way to export movies to an HD TV, and some nifty new software, including a version GarageBand. You'll supposedly be able to set it up as a wifi hotspot, too.

Looks as if it might be time for me to bite the bullet ...


Anonymous said...

I've had my iPad 1.0 for some time now and I find it more or less indispensable. It's replaced my netbook more or less completely at home (I still have to have the netbook for some work related things), but on the whole the iPad doesn't leave my side.

Plus, from an eBook perspective, I like not being tied to one specific bookstore. I can read the Amazon stuff through the Kindle app and the Barnes and Noble stuff through the Nook app, no sweat. Then there are other apps like CloudReader which allow me to put my own content on the device.

Steve Perry said...

Cost more than a dedicated book reader, but you get more. And I still think a book looks better on an iPad than on the Kindle, Nook, or Sony. Plus I can load it with Music and useful apps.

Since I have an iPod, I already know how to use it.

I'm there.

Justin said...

One thing they didn't upgrade with iPad 2 is the screen. iPhone 4's retina display is supposed to be gorgeous, and it's curious that Apple didn't go that route here.
iPad 3, perhaps? I'm fine browsing the web and playing games on my good ol' iPhone.