Saturday, March 26, 2011

Roy, Roy, Roy

With one thing and another, the Roy short stories haven't been making it into the store. Since I've continued to write them, I now have nine, and while they will be available as singles eventually, I am also going to bundle them all into a collection, and peddle it for $4.99.

Here's the slug for that:

Collected here, the nine Roy the Demon short stories. These are raucous, profane tales, rated NC-17, for language, sex, and hellish situations. You know you are curious. Come on down ...

The Roy the Demon Stories

1. Neighbors
2. A&R
3. FNG
4. Balance of Power
5. Alliance
6. Under the Rose
7. Paved With Gold
8. Disco Inferno
9. Blades

Nine stories at .99 each is nine cents short of nine bucks. The collection of all nine at five dollars, less a penny? Such a deal ...

I'll probably have to fiddle with the link, but for the moment, it does take you to my page on the Fat Sam store, and once the collection is up, that's where you'll find it first.

Eventually, I'll make these available elsewhere, and Smashwords, so as not to miss any of my tens of fans ...

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