Friday, March 04, 2011

Baby, I'm Back

New month, new song. Mostly, what I got is the lyrics, and back to the notion that the only things worth writing about are love and death. I'll work up some chords, and I'm looking for a progression between the verses and the chorus, something I've been hearing in my mind's ear for a long time, but never quite nailed it down. Maybe I'll get it this time.

Baby, I'm Back

G+D, D sus 4, C7, G+D


Ah, you know that love is great but it doesn't always work out/
Sometimes you get yourself left in the dirt/
Your heart is broke to pieces and you cry yourself an ocean/
And the world goes crazy gray and cold with hurt.

The days are full of misery, the nights are dark with woe/
the sky above is thick with clouds and rain/
But get your shit together, got to dig out of your grief/
Move yourself back into your life again.


G, D, C7, G

Baby, I'm back (I'm back!) and you know you done me wrong/
I'm back (I'm back!) and I got a brand new song/
I'm back (I'm back!) and you can't keep me low/
I'm movin' and a shakin' and everybody's gonna know.


They say the past is gone and you know that it is true/
You wouldn't do it over if you could/
Got to look ahead at what's on the road before you/
Wipe the smoke out of your mind and call it good.

In the war between the sexes there's winners and there's losers/
You know that's how the game was made/
The battles are a bitch and the field can get all bloody/
And each and every one of us, we all get played.



The better part of life is just in showing up/
Gotta hit your marks and say your part/
The worst way to end it is to check out too early/
Sometimes you gotta use your head to lead your heart.

Gotta stay the course, don't get yourself distracted/
Don't spend your money drinking on a binge/
Go and buy some new clothes, and smile because you know it/
That living well is still the best revenge.

Chorus, repeat last line, slow it down, and out.


Anonymous said...

Did you have a lot of heartbreaks in your wildin' days, Steve?

Steve Perry said...

One or two. Been a long time, but it's a common enough experience that most people can relate.

I've never played with methamphetamine, but I have seen people who ruined their lives with hard drugs, so I can speak to it.

That's why love and death resonate, the commonality, and why nearly everything I have ever written in any genre has one or both of those at its heart.