Monday, December 28, 2009


Caught part of a Discovery series last night about climbing Mount Everest. Sixty-six year old American man was one of the climbers, and he made it up and down. (Everest kills one out of twelve climbers, on average, and past the age of sixty, that number goes way up -- four times more likely to croak if you are idiotic enough to attempt it.)

I've always thought these folks were madder than the March Hare, but lacking balls, they ain't.

Then there is this video. Ninety-two years old. Gets to be really fun about a minute and a half in:


Jay said...

That's awesome!!

Irene said...

Awright, Steve, we don't want to hear any more whining about how you're old and decrepit.

steve-vh said...

Check out the docummentary (and the even more supurb original book) "Touching the Void".
Without doubt, one of the toughest SOB's living. Walked out of a mountain with his knee moved 6"s into his leg bones after being left for dead.