Thursday, December 17, 2009


In another case of I-fought-the-law-and-the-law-won, a man being booked in Portland resisted and got the stuffing whaled out of him. Deputies say he struggled and punched one of them in the nose.

Read the story and watch the video. He gets pummeled pretty good, and Portland PD got in some licks too.

Of course he sued. Asked for $300,000.

Was awarded $500 by a federal jury.

Guy was wearing a wife-beater -- and was arrested for beating his girlfriend and threatening to kill her. The jury didn't hear about his prior criminal background, but I'm guessing the deputies knew. Aside from beating his current woman, he had a record of molesting the six- and eight- year-old children of a former girlfriend, and will be in his eighties when he gets out of prison.

This isn't a twelve-year-old girl, but a guy who beats women and molests children. I don't think it's a double standard to allow that this one doesn't bother me at all.

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