Friday, December 18, 2009

Dan O'Bannon

If you go to science fiction movies, you've seen his work, even if you don't know his name.

Adios, Dan.


Hughes. said...

He's forever Sgt. Pinback to me. I still ponder the alternate reality where Alien did get made by Roger Corman, and it wound up as just another "Battle Beyond the Stars" style, post Star Wars schlock offering.

Glad I don't live there.

William Adams said...


Somewhere at home I have a copy of _The Book of Alien_ which discusses at great length the influence which Mr. O'Bannon had on the visual appearance of the movie _Alien_

Bobbe Edmonds said...

No, no, no...Not O'Bannon. I refuse to believe it.

I've met this guy, and Heavy Metal was a defining era of my life. He's well-known in the living dead circles as well as Sci Fi, and completely approachable at conventions. Would talk about anything.

Anyone who is a fan of Red Dwarf will have at least heard of Dark Star...If not own a bootleg copy somewhere.

All the good ones are leaving.

J.D. Ray said...

Silvaticus 3015

Never heard of the guy, but yeah, evidently I loved his work.

Rest in peace, Mr. O'Bannon.