Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Civil Discourse

I'm pretty flexible when it comes to allowing spirited discussions in the comments section here. Free speech and all. But civility matters, and when you drop by here, keep it civil or don't bother.

If you want to call me stupid and tell me to go fuck myself and you aren't smiling when you say it? We're done talking.

I'm not a computer whiz that I can spot it if somebody wants to change names and sneak back, but I certainly can delete postings from a name I'm unhappy with. And will.

Just so you know.


jks9199 said...

It's too bad some folks can't just disagree politely. You're pretty fair and open, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

To my mind a blog is kind of like being invited into someones living room. There's a certain level of respect and courtesy due. one may disagree, even passionately, but remember you are not in your own house and you invited yourself in! It is a modern wonder being able to be a discourse with a favorite Author, Celebrity, or old friend who lives in Timbuktu! It's too bad that there's always someone who has to spit in the punch. Langdon

jks9199 said...

Absolutely! Even in the very sociable science fiction community, I can't believe that 20 or 30 years ago, I'd have been able to communicate with an author like Steve -- to the point where he entrusted a new work to a group of relative strangers not too long ago (any progress on publishing that one?) for an early read. Let alone have him clearly listen to what I say on different topics... The medium of communication was just not there before.