Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hummingbird's Lament

One of our local species of hummingbirds doesn't migrate for the winter, but sticks around. Given that it is thirteen degrees F. outside Steve's house, you have to wonder how they survive.

Even under the eaves outside my office window, it is sufficiently cold to freeze the feeder solid.

What? Yes, of course I'm thawing it out. Can't let the little birds starve, can I?

Can't do anything about the rhododendrons, who look pretty chilly, too.

Guess I'll be breaking out the big jacket to wear when I walk the dogs this morning.

(Wednesday Update: 8ยบ F. out there at nine a.m, which is as cold as it has ever been while we have lived here.)


EvMick said...

We have hummingbirds too. The problem is that Bees and Hummingbirds like the same "stuff".

Hummers are "cute"....bees not so much. How to keep bees out of the hummer feeder?

As yet it hasn't got that cold at the house in Austin Tx.

Viro said...

Hrm, I wonder if you can rig up an overly-elaborate apparatus to focus sunlight on the gel...