Thursday, November 05, 2009

Shrink Runs Amok

So the current latest is that the shooter at Fort Hood was a major and and shrink.

How awful is that? The guy you trust to fix your broken psyche runs amok and guns down dozens of people?

Probably going to be difficult for the gun control folks to use this one -- taking the guns away from soldiers ... ?


Don Weiss said...

Guns are already out of most soldiers hands on a US base - concealed carry isn't allowed, and all duty weapons are locked in the armory, except when used for training evolutions. Only the police (military and civilian) have firearms readily available. Unless things have changed recently....

Steve Perry said...

Yeah, I know, I was being snarky. If they'd all been armed, chances are the shooter wouldn't have opened up there; or if he had, he'd have gone down a lot quicker.