Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The IMDB -- International Movie Database -- has, I have just found, a list of my animation credits.

Sort of ...

Most of them are there. Most of them are collaborations -- with Reaves, Ted Pederson, even one with Steve Barnes.

A few aren't listed -- no Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos. There are some I got credit for and didn't do -- and they also mixed me up with the guy who used to write for Thundercats, also named "Steve Perry." For the record, I didn't write any Thundercats.


Todd Erven said...

That's too bad. Finding out that you wrote for Thundercats would have rocked my world.

steve-vh said...

You did Gargoyles?!
My son and I used to watch it together!

Phil Elmore said...

To be able to say, "I wrote Chuck Norris Karate Kommando episodes" is a personificatino of Awesome that few humans could hope to equal.

Incidentally, as a kid I loved "Spiral Zone," Steve. It wasn't until years later that I realized why.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Steve. For the record, I am the other Steve Perry, who wrote Thundercats. They have been mixing our stuff up forever, and I'm sorry -- I come out on top, as you are a much better Steve Perry (I first read your work with The Tulameia Gambit) (spelling). I will always be Steve Perry (B) as you, man, are the A list writer. I got cancer here a year ago or so, and there are efforts to help me and my son out with the excessive bills, (my 5 year old son and I were actually sent homeless by it recently) on the internet, so I am sorry if any of that has found it's way to you. If you google our name, followed by Thundercats, you'll get a lot of the pleas for us, and hopefully none of this is interupting your fine work. If it has, I'm very sorry.
Steve Perry (B).
(Oh, a couple of years ago I had the occasion to talk to Jim Steranko (or Harlan "E", I can't recall which one), and he thought I was you, and there's some kind of bad blood there (of which I know nothing). Maybe you'd blog about it, as it always made me very curious.)

Steve Perry said...

Steve --

Sorry to hear about your illness; I hope the prognosis is good.

Far as I know, I don't have any wranglings with either Steranko or Harlan. Never met Jim, and Harlan and I are on speaking terms last time I looked.

Could be another of us -- there's a Steve Perry who is a movie producer, and another book writer. Not even to mention the one who tops the Google list, the rock singer.

Common as dirt, us Steves.

Steve Perry said...

Ah, Spiral Zone. There was a toy show to remember. Once had a character named "Raw Meat," a hillbilly as I recall . And an idiot for a story editor who, after reading scripts for a few months, claimed that so doing made her a writer, too ...

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