Friday, November 06, 2009

Psycho's Gun

This is apparently what the religious nut opened up on his fellow soldiers with -- an FN Five-SeveN, in 5.7 X 22mm. You can get twenty-round magazines for it, and if he had a couple of those and the AP ammo that is limited to police and military, he could have easily done all that damage in three minutes.

He had apparently been practicing and planning this for a while.

Not the best gun, and if he was using the high-powered ammo, not the best choice there, either. Small bullet tends to punch a neat hole and keep going. Could have been a lot worse if he'd been shooting big bore hollowpoints.

Kudos to the woman cop who showed and shot it out with him, wounded herself, shot through both legs, but taking him down.


Master Plan said...

That's gross to know. :-( I think there are 'tube clips of that gun against soft body armor, seemed effective. But rigged or one-sided tests perhaps. In any case I wonder at the choice against a possibility of just that type of body armor being worn by those he was planning on killing.

This is the shooting of Officer Brenton in Seattle...not a good week.

James said...

Cops like that 5 foot tall female police officer make us all proud. I've trained female cops that have bigger balls than most guys I know. Figuratively, anyway.

jks9199 said...

He didn't need AP or even HP ammo; ball/FMJ would have done plenty of damage.

But there's no doubt that Sgt. Kimberly Munley did a fantastic and impressive job!