Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If You Meet the Buddha on the Road ...

Went over to Amazon.com and stuck up a trio of short stories -- three for a dollar -- that I first posted here. Included are "Neighbors," "Adjust for Obstacles," and "Kill Switch." Regular readers here will have already seen these -- a deal with a devil, an off-the-wall science fiction piece, and one about what happens when love isn't enough. If they sell eight million Kindle™ copies, I'll make enough to buy lunch, but hey, it's the e-train, and I do want to get onboard.

I let people here read 'em for free, but if you want to re-read them, or see them on your Kindle™, you'll have to download 'em at Amazon.com.

Worth a buck? Yeah.

I'm waiting to hear back from Barnes & Noble, who will be doing e-bookery for their new toy, the Nook™, to see if they are gonna allow other than established publishers to offer material as Amazon.com does. Their email is currently swamped.

And the beat goes on ...

1 comment:

Scott said...

I lack a Kindle.

If you posted them here with Woogle Woogle and so on I'd drop a buck, though, sure.