Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Attention Catching Headline

SC man gets 3 years in prison for sex with horse

And then I thought, say ... isn't Bobbe from South Carolina? And, hmm, wouldn't it be fun to tug on his chain ... ?

But no, it wasn't him. There's a picture of the guy -- and how would you like to see that headline over your mug shot? look, it's a horse molestor! -- and the guy doesn't look like Bobbe at all.

Really. Just a coincidence they are from the same state.


Bobbe said...

Your idea of "fun" borders on the criminally insane. Period. Don't make me go digging through Louisiana history to find some seriously fucked up shit. I could win this one with 5 minutes on Google, Old Man.

"Rodell Vereen was also ordered never to go near the stable where the horse's owner caught him and held him for authorities at shotgun point over the summer."

Not to nit-pick, but does this sound like it could have been worded better? I know what they meant, but it sounds like the two stood standing in a barn for three months straight, one pointing a shotgun at the other.

In S.C., I wouldn't be surprised.

"videotaping Vereen's assault on her 21-year-old horse named Sugar." Okay, you gotta admit...A horse named "Sugar"? She's just asking for it, the little hussy!

"In late 2007, Kenley found him asleep in the hay after assaulting her horse."

OH MY LACK OF GOD, he had a roll in the hay with Mr. Ed, then fell asleep? They make it sound like a romantic evening with wine, candles and a full moon. I wonder if they shared a cigarette as well...?

"received probation and had to register as a sex offender."

This guy is a shame on pedophiles and rapists everywhere..."Hey, short-eyes!"

"Uh, no"

"Well then, big pimpin'!"

"Uh-uh, not that either"

"Then why are you in here for sex offenses, smart ass?"

"Dude...You ever see National Velvet?"

AlanL said...

And for a moment there I thought he did it in "Horny County" ...

Steve said...

In Fl, there's no beastiality law. So, on the occasions that we do run into this sort of behavior, we charge cruelty to animals. But the question has always been: what if the animal really, really likes it?

Irene said...

Is 'buggery' really a legal term?