Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zombie Mouse in the House

Got up day before yesterday to an unpleasant reek in the kitchen. Something rotting. Whew, what is that? 

A check of the pantry and fridge, nothing gone bad. In-sink garbage disposal empty. Trashcan, nope.

Following our noses, we determined that the source seemed to be the under-the-sink cabinet. Took everything out. No rot, no moisture.

Rolled the refrigerator out from the wall. Dusty and dirty, the floor, but no dead mice, no pellets showing they'd been there. 

Climbed down into the crawl space yesterday and elbowed-and-kneed my way to the kitchen. Always a fun crawl, that, amidst the dust and spiders.

No corpses there. No squirrels, raccoons, rats, mice, nada. Nary a stink to be found under the floor.

Had the dishwasher guy come out and pull the dishwasher. Dirty under it, but nothing that seemed to be the source of the odor. Vacuumed it clean, sprayed it with bleach.

Sprayed everything else we could reach with bleach. If there's a dead critter, it has to be under the cabinet, twixt it and the floor, or in the wall behind the sink. The options here are to a) tear everything out and see what we can find, or b) wait to see if the bleach soaks in enough to help whatever it is mummify. Eventually, if there's a dead mouse, it will dry up. 

Smells nice and clean with bleach every whichwhere,

So, for the time being, we're going with (b). 

Never a dull moment.


steve-vh said...

Once had a mouse crawl in an empty wine cooler bottle that wasn't entirely empty. It was in the room with the water heater out back. After a few weeks with marginal moisture, yeah that was an interesting discovery.

steve-vh said...

And yeah, he did kinda look like your picture here....