Saturday, July 09, 2011

Grove iPad 2 Case

The long-awaited Grove bamboo iPad 2 case arrived today, hurrah!

Basically, this is a bamboo shell that encloses the sides and back of the iPad, with cut-outs for controls and camera and such, and a smart-cover of leather with stiff inserts, held in place by magnets. 

When you open the cover, the iPad switches on, and you can fold the cover back like a magazine, or you can roll it into a triangle shape that allows you to prop the iPad up into three different positions–for typing, viewing upright, or in landscape mode.

The Grove case protects the iPad fore and aft, and looks way cool ...

They also make iPhone cases and some nifty art stuff. 

Some of their stuff they have in stock, but the new iPad cases are back-ordered, and if you want one, be prepared to wait a couple months, at least. They offered several times to refund my money if I didn't want to wait, but I'm glad I waited, it's worth it and then some. 

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Captain Tightpants said...

I'm strongly considering an iPad later this year - the shiny factor has been luring me, and it seems that the bugs are worked out etc. Now it's just saving the money and making the commitment...
It will primarily be for the wife & kiddos, but I plan to play as well.
Thanks for info on the case - looks perfect for what I want.