Thursday, July 28, 2011

Small World

Fred Fabre, left, circa 2002 

Talking to the car guy at dinner, and we got on the subject of Rolls Royce automobiles. Back in Louisiana, I said, we used to live next to to a Rolls Royce mechanic.

And Richard looks at me and says, "Fred Fabre?"

Geez, Louise, twenty-five hundred miles away, forty years since I've seen Fred, and you know the guy?

Yeah, turns out they were both members of a British car club ...

I hadn't thought about Fred in a while, so I poked around on the net and found out that he had passed away. Had a stroke, in 2006. I found the obituary in the Baton Rouge paper, and while I know we have photographs of Fred buried in a box somewhere, I found one on the web, wherein Fred is giving an award at a care show.

Fred was funny, always named his cats "Sam," and the best mechanic I ever knew. He had a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, a Bentley or two, some old Mercedes and smaller Brit cars. Collection of electric trains, one of which I gave him. And a Luger Parabellum collector's item that was a 1920 German Police Issue overstrike, with matching numbers throughout that was probably worth what most of what one of his cars cost. He told me a story once, said a serious collector handed him a blank check and said fill in whatever you want. But he kept it. 

Adiós, Fred. Sorry I missed your passage.


glendajeanne said...

Oh, damn. Steve Perry is a familiar-sounding name. Genesis House?

Glenda Boozer

glendajeanne said...

Steve Perry? The name sure sounds familiar. Remember Genesis House?

Glenda Boozer

Steve Perry said...

Yep, G-house, circa what? 1971?

Mat-Man said...

I've been away from LA for many years and didn't know Fred had passed away.

After meeting Fred at a Rolls Royce expo in Alexandria, he took me for a ride in the car he was showing...and I was hooked. He was always an engaging and helpful expert with any RR repair or project... and always had a dry-witted and innuendo-laden quip.

Thank You, Fred !!
Matthew Bardwell
Santa Fe, NM

Al Evans said...

If he died with a black '56 Mercedes 220s, it useta be mine! After a dispute with Ted of Econo Sport, where Fred once worked, Ted ended up with the car and I ended up in CA with the main bearing caps. Fred contacted me and I gave them to him.