Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Holiday Over

The 4th came and went, and while we put a flag up and I'm happy to celebrate Independence Day, I don't do it with fireworks.

My younger dog gets spooked by the bombs going off, and a shivering dog trying to hide isn't celebratory in any way for us. 

Over the years, every other dog we've had didn't like thunderstorms, nor big firecrackers, and it's been a long time since blowing things up held any thrill for me. There are anti-anxiety drugs, but dog-doping doesn't appeal all that much.

So I just came across a Thundershirt, which is supposed to help, and we'll give that a try.

The 4th is also my older dog's birthday, so they get a special treat for that. This year, it was strawberry ice cream with a dog-treat cookie, and they gobbled both down in a hurry ...


steve-vh said...

yeah, it was quite fun at our house the last 5 days. Apparently most of my neighbors are actually rednecks at heart and spent 5 hours everynight since Thursday shooting off all manner of exploxives they could get out of state and freaking my dogs out.

You should caption that last photo.

"how come I don't get this awesome stuff all the time?!?!?!"

Ben Ford said...

I've used a tshirt (tying off the end with a rubber band) on my highly reactive staffy/cattle dog X & it's worked a charm.