Thursday, July 07, 2011

Because You Just Never Know

A story of interest, probably mostly to martial artists, but with implications for anybody else who might think a fist fight is innocuous ...

Apparently there was an altercation in Las Vegas yesterday, and the gist of it seems to be this: A black guy (Hawkins, of Florida), and a white guy (Massie, of Utah) were in a bathroom at O'shea's Casino, and one assumes, doing their business. 

But apparently not altogether minding their own business.

Massie apparently said something to Hawkins to the effect of, oh, look a black guy in a yellow shirt! (Two things: First, I expect that "black guy" was another word; second, I can't imagine being so stupid as to offer a derogatory racial comment to a stranger in a public bathroom, but, that's what the report was. I dunno the source.)

Hawkins apparently responded with something on the lines of  "Hey, shut the fuck up!"

Hawkins followed Massie out. Massie went to stand in front of a B.K. in the casino. Hawkins approached. More words were exchanged. Hawkins started to walk away, then turned abruptly and threw a punch that hit Massie in the face.

One punch. 

Massie fell down.

And died.

So, while it is rare, the old one-punch-one-kill does now and then happen.

I suspect that Hawkins, a football coach back in Florida, didn't think that amount of force would result in homicide. But as a result of that punch, and being the first to throw one, he's been arrested and booked on a count of Open Murder. Supposedly all on the casino's security video, and I'll be interested to see if that hits the net.

Not a good way to spend your vacation, and any way you look at it, Hawkins's ride is going to be bumpy until the investigation and/or trial is over.

Next time you think that decking the asshole giving you shit is the best option, think again.

Or that popping off to a stranger in a public restroom is much better of an idea ...


Joe said...

An even more tragic variation of "win the fight, lose the lawsuit".

Anonymous said...

Sadly and example of the classic Pyrrhic victory.

Seen a few cases of this over the years including one that ended with quadriplegia.

Not a nice situation no matter how you stack it.

Steve Perry said...

Tox screen isn't in yet, but apparently the victim died of head injuries sustained from the punch and fall.