Saturday, July 02, 2011

Need a New Razor?

Guy in Portland has come up with a new invention: A razor, made of iridium, with a sapphire blade, guaranteed to stay sharp enough to shave with for ten years. 

And at only $100,000 a pop? Such a deal.

Yeah, that's one hundred thousand dollars, and you have to supply your own lather.

Hurry. Supplies are limited. Then again, he hasn't actually sold any yet ...


Dan Gambiera said...

They say this sooper dooper razor is good for about ten years. A local barber here will shave you for twenty five buck or six for a hundred twenty five. That means you could have a real live person do it for you complete with hot towels and a beer every day for ...


a little over thirteen years.

J.D. Ray said...

Give it time. Some Chinese company will come out with something suspiciously similar for $100, and they'll be flying off the shelves. Four years later, when the razors go dull, no one will be able to find the receipt to return it, but will go buy another because, hey, $100 for four years of razors seems OK.

I use Gillette Mach3 Turbo razors (yeah, they're definitely worth the money) at around $2.80 a pop. I get about a week's use out of them if I don't shave every day, which I should but don't usually do. That's about $150 a year in razors (this is depressing), so anything less than that ($1500 for a ten year razor) seems like savings.