Saturday, May 14, 2011

Unsolicited Product Endorsement

As somebody who has, from time to time, accidentally cut myself, I am passing familiar with bandages. I worked in a medical clinic for some years, raised two children, and generally, there is a Band-Aid style bandage in my wallet pretty much everywhere I go, just in case.

I am still waiting for the one-handed bandage, i.e., one you can open and apply with one hand, because generally, the other hand is bleeding, fingers being the most common cut injury, and it is one of life's small frustrations trying to find that peel-apart section of a band-aid while your blood is dripping all over the place. However ...

Nexcare makes a foam-tape I've been using for ten or twelve years to protect my thumb joints when I work out, and I even put up a trainer-style short vid showing how I tape my hands for silat class. Great stuff, waterproof, enough stretch so your hands can flex, like that. I use half a roll between both hands, and it costs four something a roll, but I consider two bucks cheap insurance against a sprained thumb, and I order a dozen rolls at a time. 

Nexcare also makes a variety of small bandages that use the waterproof foam tape, and being able to move your fingers and have the tape stretch is a good thing. Next time you buy a box of bandages, check out Nexcare, you can find them everywhere fine first aid products are sold ...

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