Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How Funny is Life?

Watching the news night before last and there was a story about a new strip club opening up in Portland. The neighbors were upset, because there was already a strip club there, and the idea of a second one and an impending red light district was distressing to them.

Okay, that's a legitimate reaction. The traffic that occurs when guys with a lot of one-dollar bills go to look at nekkid women and drink beer maybe isn't so bad, but they sometimes draw folks selling drugs, or women in the world's oldest profession, and they might not be who you want your spouse or kids to run into on their way to the Safeway. 

Psst. Hey, mister. Want a date? Need some Viagra ... ?

But here's the part I found funny. The established club in this story Casa Diablo, is the world's first—and so far as I am able to tell, only—vegan strip club.

There are three words I never expected to see in the same sentence: Vegan. Strip. Club. It boggles the mind.

A quick search of local internet comes up with some bad puns and strained word play, as you might imagine. And this once more goes to prove that if you are a science fiction or fantasy writer, you don't have to look far to come up with things that will fit right into the most esoteric alien culture you might want to create ...

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